Systemic Coaching

Systemic Coaching
One-on-one coaching for Constellators who wish to learn more about Constellating for the Collective.
One-on-one facilitation for individuals in their family and workplace systems
  • align with Life through reconnection with our ancestral lines
  • clearing systemic burdens and blocks to the flow of life and love so that you can turn towards the emerging Future
  • take the Big Leap into living and giving from wholeness and authenticity
  • shift from ego-driven pursuits and personal survival to manifesting your passions through being globally networked in service of the Totality.
One-on-one coaching and mentoring for Constellators who wish to facilitate Collective Constellations
  • coaching through the process of facilitating a Collective Constellation including preparations necessary as a facilitator, how to find the question, preparing representatives, choosing elements, listening for the messages from the Field, and debriefing.

John Felice Ceprano, sculpture
Stone People, Ottawa River,
Sir John A. Macdonald Parkway, Ottawa, ON

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