Practical Outcomes

You benefit personally, organizationally and collectively by
  • aligning with Life
  • being strengthened and resourced through connecting with our ancestors
  • shifting perspectives — seeing systemically
  • opening to the flow of Life — success, money, love
  • acknowledging and respecting what is
  • gaining insight into underlying systemic patterns
  • removing blocks by seeing invisible dynamics and unconscious loyalties
  • leaving behind old patterns — of failure and woundedness, etc
  • creating and reading living maps of the whole system
  • finding your place in our family, your work, the world
  • reframing life experience so that systemic burdens become systemic resources
  • embodying experience
  • engaging the process of change from insight to implementation
  • seeing the issues, obstacles and potential resolution in a timely manner
  • designing and testing for optimal pathways for success in life
  • being self-empowered
  • releasing blocks to the creative flow
  • accessing multiple ways of knowing
  • making informed choices
  • co-creating with others, building teams, learning a deep level of trust
  • accessing a flow of information and energy from hidden depths
  • participating in gathering collective intelligence
  • engaging with the emerging Future
  • participating in and with the Mystery
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