You are in a changetime. You have many gifts to offer the world. You know you are a bridge to the new paradigm and a co-creator of the new paradigm.Β  Feeling the push from the Evolutionary Force and the pull from the Emerging Future, you wish to be in the flow of Life by:
Aligning 🞜 Designing 🞜 Activating 🞜 Emerging 🞜 and Evolving 🞜 yourself and/or your group, organization, and community.

Clients and co-creative partners are...

Larger collectives (for example citizen groups) concerned with societal and environmental issues

Businesses, organizations, institutions, social and volunteer agencies, government departments.

Visionary, emergent start-ups participating in bringing in the new paradigm.

Coaches and facilitators experiencing and learning systemic perception and processes for professional development

Creatives who are wanting to align with their creative flow and manifest their vision βˆ’ whether in writing, visual arts, healing arts, entrepreneurship and more.

Individuals/families in a healing crisis (physical and/or psychological): clearing systemic burdens carried out of blind love and loyalty for previous generations in order to be able to move into one’s authentic life.

Present and emerging leaders who know they are ready to be their full potential selves!

Facilitators who are also researchers β€” partnering with The Hague Center for Field Inquiry

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