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Knowing Field Designs

Diana Claire Douglas, the founder of Knowing Field Designs has been a facilitator of workshops and retreats, counsellor, and coach for over thirty-five years. In 2001, she started a facilitation and coaching practice called InSpiritWorks: bringing Spirit into form through creative and imaginative works. Having trained in and practiced systemic facilitation since 2009, she wished to provide a home for her systemic facilitation, coaching and training services and so formed Knowing Field Designs in 2015.

The Logo

Diana Claire designed the logo, which she calls “integration.” As SCW uses time, space, direction, dynamics and living maps to create a dimensional map of both the issue and the potential resolution for issues, the logo is a compass and a map and symbolizes a balanced, harmonious whole.

The Name

“Knowing Field” is a term coined by Albrecht Mahr, a German physician, psychoanalyst, early adapter of constellations, and now a leader in Family Constellation Work. The Knowing Field is the constellation energy field which informs the facilitator, representatives, client, and those observing the constellation. It is a multi-dimensional field — space, time, matter, soul, and spirit — accessible to everyone. It shows the underlying (often hidden) dynamics that are blocking the flow, and systemic resources available, to be in the flow of Life.

Diana Claire used the systemic constellation work process to choose the name for her facilitation practice/centre.

For Diana Claire, the most important relationship in doing this work is her relationship with the Knowing Field. She feels great respect for the Knowing Field, humbled by its incredible support for all who participate in its evolutionary potential.

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