About The Sessions

The Knowing Field Designs (KFD) facilitation process is very adaptable, allowing Diana Claire to work with

  1. one client and one facilitator
  2. one client constellates their issue within a group
  3. a group, team, or organization constellates their issue(s) collectively
  4. co-facilitate for an individual or group client
  5. citizens groups on behalf of societal issues
  6. participants who are ready to serve the Collective — no one is the client, or humanity is the client.

The sessions happen in a variety of formats

Individual session

Hybrid session on ZOOM

Group meets in person in one location and Diana Claire joins by ZOOM

ZOOM Session

All participants (from many countries) in their own spaces

Clients engage with Diana Claire for varying lengths of time

  • Coaching sessions for individuals: a minimum of 4 sessions is recommended
  • Consulting with organizations: as needed
  • Co-creative partnerships with visionary organizations − a long term relationship
  • Deep inquiry through The Hague Center for Field Inquiry
Diana Claire has developed an easy yet sophisticated way of using Systemic Constellation Work with our international core team. She has the capacity to facilitate 9 of us in 9 separate locations (for example: Europe, Egypt, Mexico, North America) via ZOOM. The experience is of course different than in-person constellations. However, I find it is equally powerful, effective and convenient. It really adds to working together efficiently and enhancing relationships on international teams.
Anne-Marie Voorhoeve
Director, The Hague Center for Governance, Innovation and Emergence.
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