Aligning human systems with Life

Systemic Facilitation

Knowing Field Designs offers systemic facilitation in all its services —coaching, consulting and trainings. Systemic facilitators embody the living system principles of belonging, rank and balance. We are able to shift perspectives, see the big picture, and notice the hidden dynamics/patterns within the system while allowing the natural health within an aligned system to emerge.

Systemic Coaching

One-on-one facilitation for individuals in their family and workplace systems

Systemic Consulting

Facilitation for organizations, institutions, levels of government , non-profits, small and family businesses, coaches and consultants, visionary and new paradigm organizations.

Constellating for the Collective

Facilitation of groups, citizens, communities to shift Into Our Collective Heart: workshops and retreats in-person and on-line.

Training of Systemic Facilitators

For those who wish to use Knowing Field Designs facilitation within their organization, team, and personally

What is Knowing Field Designs?

Knowing Field Designs is a centre for Systemic Facilitation offered through Coaching, Consulting and Training for Individuals, Organizations + Social Collectives using a powerful and proven process called Systemic Constellation Work

Do you want...

  • to diagnose the source of your problem/issue: what are the principles of a living system that are out of order?
  • to understand what principles of a living system are out of order?
  • to resolve issues and restore balance to your system?
  • to create new processes, services, products or a new organization?
  • to experiment with options?
  • to test ideas, products and decisions prior to being activated and launched?
  • to make choices and decisions?
  • to experience different ways of knowing?
  • to gather collective intelligence and wisdom from multiple levels of reality?
  • to implement change?
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