Knowing Field Designs

Aligning Human Systems with Life

Aligning Human Systems with Life

What is Knowing Field Designs?

Knowing Field Designs is a centre for Systemic Facilitation offered through Coaching, Consulting and Training for Individuals, Organizations + Social Collectives using a powerful and proven process called Systemic Constellation Work. 

The Founder

Meet Diana Claire

At my core, I am an artist. I honour the creative force that moves through me and expresses itself throughout all aspects of my life. In its present expression, as a Constellator, I feel such joy and passion for this practical, powerful, creative and ever-evolving process. I see constellation work as a playground for maps and mapping, exploration and experimentation, seeing the previously invisible/unknown and finding its practical application for real-world (personal, organizational and collective) issues.

Work With Me

Constellating for the Collective

Systemic Processes for Humanity (citizens, groups, communities) to Align Design Activate Emerge and Evolve collectively on behalf of All-Life

Systemic Coaching

One-on-one facilitation for individuals in their family and workplace systems

Do You Want...

  • To explore the source of your problem/issue: what are the principles of a living system that are out of order?
  • To understand what principles of a living system are out of order?
  • To resolve issues and restore balance to your system?
  • To create new processes, services, products or a new organization?
  • To experiment with options?
  • To test ideas, products and decisions prior to being activated and launched?
  • To make choices and decisions?
  • To experience different ways of knowing?
  • To gather collective intelligence and wisdom from multiple levels of reality?
  • To implement change?

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